Friday thoughts

Balance is restored to my universe. My friend was joking yesterday and I didn't have the IQ to see through her e-mail. Sorry, M!

My friend's kid (mentioned last week who also didn't make e) got the final of final nos. Cheryl Dyer refused to meet with the Mom and gave her a no via e-mail. I am disappointed in you, CD! The line is too stringent for getting kids into harder math programs. When kids (or their Moms as their advocates) are begging for more challenge, they should let them in. Again: WHY DO YOU HAVE TO BE SO ELITIST??? Well, my daughter C and her non-e friend, N, will have more time to play. But what are they going to do during the 2 hours of review in Everyday Math every day at school?

Re: N. He demonstrated again yesterday that he really can't spell. Some words are from his kindergarten list. I am going to meet with the principal and the elementary teaching specialist. I can't afford to wait for the lovely Miss Teacher (and I *do* think she is a wonderful, so that isn't sarcasm) to go through all of her protocols - documenting what she is seeing, then passing it up to a committee who passes it back down to her with the message "try this". We've lost 3 years. So naturally I am going to bring up the "why are we having this conversation in 3rd grade?" but it doesn't change anything. I am as much to blame as the school. And Bridgewater is full of judgment for me.

On a brighter note, I am writing this after a couple of hours of pampering myself and with nails and coffee and am off to the semi-torture known as kickboxing. It's great to have a day off work!


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