The hump

I will admit it. I am in over my head. I came home from work, checked my e-mail and climbed into bed. Finding that even lying in bed wasn't relaxing enough, I took a hot bath. But 5:00 approached and my 2nd job was thrust upon me - soccer, dinner, homework supervision, etc. It's after 8pm, and I am longing for bed. But how many days can I go without doing dishes???? (And before child welfare shows up?)

The to do list mounts and my guilt weighs as heavily as ever. Plus I have done what I absolutely didn't want to do: Brought work home. Only mentally. I can't stop thinking about the issue I had with Outlook today. Many years ago one of my colleagues used to yell from his office "I HATE BILL GATES!" Today I feel the same way!

Everything I had on the list is still on it (I have a library book in the car that was due in early September!)!!! I had a few hours of fun this week and I am paying for it in guilt.

I feel quite overwhelmed. The thought of Halloween is stressful. The thought of Christmas, my favorite holiday, makes me want to cry- 2 weeks with my in-laws and a month with my Dad. I can barely keep it together with just us. What will I do?

Clean up and draw another bath!


Anonymous said…
You would have enjoyed the scene last night at the grocery store. Our oldest son, Z, had "volunteered" to bring homemade tacos to his Spanish class for Hispanic Heritage Month.

As we are buying shredded cheese, we bumped in his elementary school library assistant and Z quickly ran to the car to return an overdue school book from last May. She graciously took the book off our hands and from its jolding place behind the driver's seat for the past SIX months.

Saludos. A'92

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