A step forward

Ns wonderful Miss Teacher followed up.

It's good news (I think). Miss Teacher has a few more ideas for things to do with N and the committee recommended that N get special help one-on-one two times every 6 days (in Bridgewater schools run on a 6 day cycle).

They are also going to look at his "case" at the STAT team. From what I understand this group makes decisions regarding special needs matters. Numerous people have told me the modus operendi is to deny deny deny until forced to give help. We aren't anywhere near that kind of place, but I do have to remind myself that ultimately I have to actively advocate for N, as no one else will.

I was thrilled to get word that the committee had met within a week of our initial meeting with the Principal, ETS and Miss Teacher and decided to give him help regularly. It's a small but significant victory and a first step to teaching him to write.

I sent her a thank you note. She is N's 4th teacher. They were all great in their own way, but Miss Teacher was the first to take the initiative to get him the help he clearly (to me) needs.


On the other side of the spectrum is C's situation. I got an e-mail from a friend who has her son in both e- language arts and e-math. She was complaining that her son has too much homework and that he is overwhelmed. While I can empathize, I am a little jealous too. My daughter remains bored. "Extra attention, extra challenge" and even the small amount of enrichment she receives isn't enough to stifle her desire for more challenge.

When she is in my care she's not bored! Since she spends 10 minutes doing homework she has plenty of time for extra-curricular activities and she is thriving! The more the better. A couple of weeks ago she wanted to add Cross Country (I thought if she WANTS to run, how great is that?!) and this week she started student council. She's not doing homework, so let her take advantage of everything else that she can!

I don't know how I will manage to keep it all straight!!! She has taekwondo 3-4 times a week, soccer 3 times a week, girl scouts every other week, violin twice a week (during school), cross country (once a week) and now student council once a week, plus she wants to see her friends.


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