Imsoniac surfs web

In the old days when I couldn't sleep I stayed in bed with a book, these days I surf online.

I found this article about Bridgewater in the NY Times. It was in the NY Times the week my husband accepted his current job and our lives changed completely. The article contributed to our picking Bridgewater over other communities in the area. Low taxes, a tax-based largely subsidized by the mall, combined with excellent schools - or so we thought.

I also read more carefully an e-mail pushing me to vote yes on converting 25% of protected land for recreational use. There isn't much online about this - I did get this from the Courier News. I sided with the owls a few years ago when it was a hot button issue (although I didn't do anything with that opinion, like go to a Council meeting). Where are the signs on Van Holten road? Without any exposure the Mayor is going to get her way! These days my daughter does play a travel sport - but I would still rather pay the fee to use a facility like soccer centers for a short period of time, rather than develop the very last of BW's open space.

One of the reasons I couldn't sleep (the other being my husband who woke me when he turned on the light at 3:30am) was that N wants to quit Taekwondo. I don't want to force him to do it. Well - yes, I want to! But I won't. Thinking that video games are NOT cardio, nor are they accepted forms of recreation, I have been racking my brain to find something for N. Turns out, the High School has video game clubs listed in their activities programs. To see if your kids' favorite waste of time is included, click here. I still thinks he needs an extra curricular activity that he loves - so we are on the lookout.

Finally, in rereading the NY Times article I wondered - how does the school district that we were considering in 2003 compare with today? I noticed the line about National Merit Scholarships. In 2002's class there were 8 finalists (of 477 graduates). In 2008, (see here for my source) with a larger population of 656, there were 7 finalists. So the kids are getting dumber or the school is getting weaker. But is it that simple? Is it the high school or the family that contributes most in making a national merit-type of kid? And are these kinds of honors truly the best way to note the quality of a school system? Clearly my kids aren't going to be national merit scholars (my better student is already not good enough for e), so should I care if others are? Is it really an accurate depiction of the school's quality?

Exerwise has a 5:45 kickboxing class in 17 minutes. I should go. I am always so proud of myself when I do stuff like that - but I am exhausted. These decisions are always so hard for me. Kickbox or coffee? Stay tuned...

I reread this blog once and now it is too late to take the class. As punishment I'll spend the time cleaning the kitchen. Maybe it will disturb my husband? I want to be mad at him, but he spent another two hours last night working with N on vocab words. That behavior needs to be rewarded, not punished. So, I'll be quiet brewing my coffee and sorting papers. And later, I will treat myself with a half hour nap!

Update - Saw this picture of my niece who is studying in Italy. Take me with you!!!!!!!!! (Hope it's OK MP that I nicked your pic).


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