My Daughter and My Son - Tuesday Grease songs

Part 1:

"There are worse things I could do..."

My daughter is the quintessential over-scheduled child. If I spelled out the details of today, comments would fly in from around the world about how I am doing actual harm to my 10 year old, C. "She's gonna burn out!" "Her grades will suffer!" "She is going to get run down!"

So right you are. Today she will be at extra curricular activities for about 5 hours (*THAT ISN'T THE NORM!*). I asked her what she wanted to do. She absolutely wanted to do it all! Do I tell her no and force her to choose between TKD and soccer?

And if she stayed home? She'd be watching TV after finishing her homework. She may have other options, but Project Runway is what she'd be up to. Hmm... too much exercise or sitting on the sofa watching tv and snacking.....??? (I know what I'd choose - it's a good thing my daughter isn't like me!)


Part 2:

"(There's) Nothin' left for me to do
You're the one that I want, OOh, Honey!
You're what I need, oh yes, indeed!"

The Elementary Teaching Specialist called me this morning to make an appointment to discuss N. I must say I was pretty impressed - she had already had a meeting with N's teacher and would be in the classroom to observe him before our meeting. She talked about his ability to hear dipthongs, and she used some other jargon that I will have to ask more about when I am not at work.

She also let me vent about the fact that I have been very concerned about his writing since kindergarten. Kindergarten Teacher Mrs. Fantastic thought he was bright but immature. In first grade his teacher was overwhelmed by behavioral issues in a "squeaky wheel gets oiled" atmosphere (and N laid low on the radar). I brought him in early at least once a week, but it never helped much. In 2nd grade they had so many kids with "issues" in his co-taught class that they felt that he needed help but that they couldn't send him for it. Maybe this was an issue with the principal's management? Who knows?! This year Miss Teacher caught something concrete in the first week or two of school.

Maybe my friends and neighbors are wrong? Maybe it IS possible to work WITH the school and not in tandem or completely separated from it. I can't wait to speak with Mrs. ETS on the 17th! I'm so optimistic!


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