The cons...

...of being a stay-at-homer...


In the world of banking and finance I'm a 2nd class citizen. This spring/summer I'll need a new car, but to get a loan I'll need a cosigner. None of my working friends would need this (unless they were buying outside their budget).

Even though most wives are in charge of household finances, and many of the most important decisions - wills, mortgages, savings, etc. - the banking world doesn't see us that way.

I wonder if I were a stay-at-home Dad would I be in the same boat?

And that doesn't even scrape the top of how women are treated on the car lot once we've figured out financing.... and the assumptions being made a mile a minute, whether you work outside the home or not. Can anyone say "pink minivan"? I guess I'm not doing much to help this stereotype. I'll be looking for a seven seater, after 3 years of a hot Acura sedan. We'll see what I end up with. But I promise you it won't be pink!


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