C is taking Latin, as I've said before. She gets a lot of projects that require creativity, basic knowledge of Ancient Rome (the point, I hope) and some non-Latin skills. She did great on her last project where she outlined a Roman house and it's parts - she made sure that hers included a spa, as any dream house should!

This time she is making good use of a very expensive doll that has been lying unloved in a box in the basement: she is transforming American Girl Elizabeth into Roman Goddess Minerva. It is wonderful to see C use all of her creative juices in conjunction with her brain.  Can you believe that there is a site online that tells you how to make a toga for an American Girl Doll??? And while that was the original plan - C also learned women of ancient Rome (and their Goddesses) didn't wear togas. I had Latin for 3 years, I never knew that.

I am also very happy that she hasn't dropped the ball and left everything for Mom to fix. My soul contribution will be finding the needle and thread and taking her to the library (GASP - as an aside, they were closed - and it wasn't mentioned on the website) as she is finding the internet gives too much conflicting information.

It's nice to still be needed - it's nicer that she needs me less and less. It's been a long break. I've felt pulled in lots of different directions. So it's nice to watch her work. On her own.


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