My LIFE program...

People who follow this blog because they know me outside of cyberspace know that about 4 years ago I participated in (and won - me? win anything?!) something called the LIFE program at Somerville Martial Arts. It was hard work and I was thrilled to pry the $850 bucks out of the owner's hand at the end of my hard work. I don't know when I've been so proud of myself as that day. I only lost a total of about 16 pounds, but I gained so much knowledge and self confidence that I surely thought my life would be different forever.

Old habits creep up, and before I knew it, my favorite Thai place kept showing up on the Mastercard bill and my new clothes seemed to have shrunk in the wash. That first summer I was complimented at the beach for my hot bod' but the following summer you could see I was back to my less than athletic self.

I tried several other times to return to my former winning glory but I fizzled out almost every time. According to SMAA's evil scale I'm within 5 pounds of my original pre-LIFE weight and my BMI begins with the wrong digit!

I'm 40 now. It's now or never. The longer I wait, the harder it will be to make these changes. So I'm trying again. What's my goal? It's not to be a certain weight - although that is a good way to measure my accomplishments. My goal isn't to be super skinny. I'm just trying to be more healthy. I know the program works even though I'll be the first to admit that I don't always agree with the owner's "bedside manner" (what would you call the equivalent in a studio?).

The program works because you get out of it what you put into it.

This morning was day one. I can tell I worked hard based on my aching muscles. As I said, you get out of it what you put into it... so for once a pain in the ass* is a great sign!

*And, no I'm not referring to the owner, I'm referring to my derrière!)


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