Praise for a good idea

A couple of times a year my son's school throws a 5th or 6th grade Fun Night.

Each child is required to bring a parent to Fun Nights. In past years the PTO Presidents turned the library into a cafe for parents where they can be present but can enjoy themselves too. This fall they had a Fun Night without a room for parents, who ended up meandering around the hallways, needing a quiet place to sit and talk. I e-mailed the coordinator and suggested they reinstate the practice. The PTO Board didn't like the idea ultimately decided not to do it.

Luckily someone came up with even a better idea: a book club night for teachers and parents! It was the first time I'd been to anything like it run through the schools. We read Jon Gordon's Soup. It was a very open conversation, geared toward parenting and teaching.

I have never had 2 hours fly by faster. It was a wonderful evening and there was an interesting mix of teachers, administrators and parents. The talk was engaging and inspiring. Usually by the time Friday night rolls around I want to be in my PJs by 8:30pm and I fall asleep waiting for Bill Maher. Anything at the school - fun nights, rec nights, pasta dinners, and the ever horrifying Monster Mash are so taxing on my senses. Tonight I feel invigorated. The book was predictable, but the conversation wasn't. I've been a parent in the district for many years and I've rarely had teachers be so open about how they feel about teaching, or parenting. Lots of examples of best practices by seasoned teachers who truly expressed compassion and love for our kids.

Although the "what happens in Vegas..." rule wasn't stated, I'm quite sure it was implied, so I won't share anything else except it is good that I can still learn new things about myself through a good conversation. Thanks for organizing this, Mr. P!


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