Annoying inheritance

My father has a very annoying habit. In the middle of a conversation, he will interrupt with "Oh Chaaaa-riast!" (as in taking the Lord's name in vain). He will then say "oh it's just something I said."  "When?" "In December 1957!"

I woke up at about 5am today with the same problem - not from 1957, decades before my birth - but from several things that were either said or done yesterday.

Among the doozies -
  • A debacle about who was coming last night. I think I hurt my friend's feelings. :-(
  • I asked another friend if she is still in contact with her ex-husband. It went over so poorly that she ignored the question completely, while another friend gawked at me for my poor taste.
  • My lack of organization skills - dinner wasn't ready until almost 8pm when we were supposed to meet friends at the mall (see bullet point 1). At 8:20 we were finished with dinner and the mall closed at 9pm so we took a rain check, however this was a logistical issue because then we didn't meet up with friends who didn't eat with us.
  • Friend A wanted to eat out, friend B wanted to eat in. Friend B ended up NOT coming, so Friend A was disappointed that we didn't go out and even commented, not once, but twice...
  • My daughter's table manners were so awful that I was actually embarrassed.  She was being completely obnoxious. As if she had taken a silly pill and all her common sense had gone out the window. Totally inappropriate.  My guest even told her daughter "this is how NOT to behave!" And that she was glad we didn't go out for a meal if this was how she would behave (not an exact quote). I was mortified!
Part of me wants to go back to bed and pull the covers over my head until next year.  I don't want to face these things.

Part of me knows that in the big picture none of this matters. Even the table manners issue will work itself out.
But another part of me knows that it will bug me for a while...

Let's hope I didn't inherit my father's habit of reliving unpleasant conversations 50 years after they took place. I don't want my life to be like that.  I don't even want my Saturday to be like that. OK, chin up.... it's a new day! I don't mind doing yesterday's dishes - which I need to do - I do mind reliving yesterday's faux pas.


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