Lunch with a side of perspective

Had lunch today with KC at Origin. For once I expanded my horizons and ordered something totally different.

Lunch with K is always an inspiration. We seem to feed off each others' energy and always have plenty to discuss. She has three boisterous kids plus a husband (TC) who is an interesting character. All in the next two weeks - TC is off to Helsinki. KC is off to Guatelmala. My T is off to Oslo. (I'm not heading anywhere, but I was just in Europe, so I'm not complaining!).

I'm interested in school board politics, KC in Town Council politics, specifically the cell phone tower which is proposed just beyond her back yard. She used to be neighbors with Pure Evil whom I ran into last week. She had seen his sliminess recently too. Always a little gossip mixed in.

KC and I could talk endlessly!!!! Even after about an hour and a half devouring our delish Thai food, we chatted in front of our cars for another half hour.

K gets me. She really does. I miss living 50 feet from her front door. I'm grateful she's my friend. So grateful for our chat that I came back home and didn't even mind scrubbing the stove. It was just that much fun to see her!


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