repetitio est mater studiorum

OK, in case you are wondering, I haven't abandoned my blog. In fact I have been writing a lot. Just not posting. Some of what has been going on has been so personal that I haven't felt comfortable sharing. I'm still trying to tweak something that I can share.

In the mean time, a quick winge-session. Here's a conundrum: the 4th grade at my son's school is gearing up to learn the 50 states, their placement, capitals, spelling and ....


and apparently their 2-letter abbreviation.

N is very challenged with memorizing things. We have spent 30 minutes per night learning 3 states at a time. And just now I found out he was supposed to learn the 2-letter abbreviation too. It's an hour too late. School started already.

I so suck! How could I have not seen that in the parents' letter?

Poor N. It isn't his fault! It's mine!

Say a little prayer (if you pray and don't think that your God has more important things going on to worry about my kid's Geography test) that N can wing it.

He played this game last night. Hopefully he picked up the 2 letter codes by osmosis.


Counteracting bad news with good news... it isn't a decision yet, but C is considering taking Latin as her language in middle school!!! T is going to think I put her up to it, which I didn't, I just told her I thought it was a great idea. It might not happen, but I am really thrilled that she is even considering it on her own.

Maybe I'll teach her some of the coolest expressions I knew... in vino veritas can't be one of them, but there are tons, besides carpe diem.

Mrs. Mix would be so proud!!!

And by the way, the title means "repetition is the mother of studies". Be well.


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