A special benefits package....

Lately I've been wondering - is there such a thing as the right time to go back to work and is now the right time?

I am taking a class at the local college, hearing all these bright young people with their plans to be things like lawyers and psychologists. "I just like learning things, so I'm a dating a reference librarian" one twenty-ish student said. Even the professor seems to have taken a teaching job only after he had a kid and realized he couldn't do research abroad forever. He encouraged us all to travel "on the government's dime" (i.e. on a Fullbright or other grant-sponsored program). He was preaching to the choir. If I could get on a plane and study something, you wouldn't have to ask me twice! I'm still game to travel on a one-way ticket!

When it came to my turn to introduce myself, I actually was at a loss for a reason to take the class, other than it sounds like fun.

Unwillingly cleaning the toilets this morning, I asked myself if I want to clean house for an ungrateful family who won't even noticed that the ring is gone from the tub (or leave it in its post-frat-party look du jour) - drive my sour-faced kids to another practice that they don't feel like going to? Make a meal that one child will lap up, while either the other child or my husband will just push around on the fork and look for snacks in 20  minutes' time? Or do I give in and make 3 different meals - which they all eat, but don't appreciate the extra effort to present? Why do I do this?

I guess I just want to be appreciated.

Do I want a corporate job where I'm unappreciated, but it doesn't matter because I'm paid? Would my 2nd income be appreciated? We'd have the income, but I wouldn't have the time to take C to the mall.

What kind of job offers appreciation in its benefits package???

....the job of being a good friend! Ok, Ladies - let's lunch! Doggie Doo - later on we'll hit the park maybe. I know you'll appreciate that!


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