Another weeknight spent knitting...

At another board of ed meeting....

My biggest concern still is class sizes next year.  Anything under 25 will be a pleasant surprise. My biggest frustration is the low cuts in administration compared to the numbers of teachers being hit. I've said it several times in public and private. Many others brought it to the Board's attention too.

If you live here and are curious enough to read my blog, then there is no use rehashing what happened. If you are interested, you can read about yourself:

Here are the Bridgewater Superintendent's slides presented last night with the new cuts.

Here's the Courier's explanation of what went on last night.

Here's a comparison with our richer neighbors to the north and west. They lost ALL state aid. Someone told me Branchburg lost over 70% of their state aid, so our 55% seems less bad.....

And here is why the Township can't bail out the school district if the budget doesn't pass. They're being cut too. Bridgewater got especially hit, percentage wise, compared to other nearby towns. What else can the township cut? We have nearly no street lights, we have no downtown to maintain, our streets are in disrepair. We have a volunteer fire department? Hmm... maybe some of the administration?! It's not happening at the Wade building, so I am betting that the Township won't cut middle management either. I am quite sure that our tax assessor has the safest job in all of New Jersey!

It takes a village to write a blog and I think various friends who have shared these links with me so I could write mine today.


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