A good day to lie on the couch with Diego...

No, he's not the the mailman!

He's my loving dog. Unconditional love, comfort and warmth... with no political affiliations! Pictured to the right, as a puppy. He's much bigger now!

I couldn't sleep last night. I was fretting about the state of my kids' schools. So today I treated myself to a half-hour on the sofa resting with Diego.

Just a little more than a year ago I was feeling such strong optimism. Remember how it felt? My father and I just had a spat... he's trying to blame Obama for the crisis in NJ schools! That just shows that anyone can twist any of this to find a personal demon, or victim.

I feel like all my "activism" - the meetings, the letters, the e-mails, the calls and countless discussions- even this blog - is all in vain. All these decisions have been made behind closed doors and I am completely powerless to invoke change.

A few weeks ago I blew off the BOE meeting to hang with Sawyer...

I think this week, I might have to spend it with Sayid. Sorry Dr. Schilder, you're going to have to manage with out your favorite soccer mom!

Anyway, I feel I have little to add to the discussion. Maybe I'll be more inspired after a few hours of TV and dreams of an adventure on an island far off in the Pacific.


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