Soccer Mom's back???

Now where's your picket fence, love?
And where's that shiny car?
And did it ever get you far?
You never seemed so tense, love
I've never seen you fall so hard
Do you know where you are?
And truth be told, I miss you
And truth be told, I'm lying"

If you can't tell from the weather, you know it by the e-mails... from the coaches. From the manager. From the parents.

Soccer season is upon us again! Carpools are starting..... ladies and gentlemen rev your engines!

Last Spring I felt like I spent 200 hours a week in the car driving kids back and forth from various fields. It seemed like every time I got into the car this song was playing. It became "my song" and it was a running carpool joke.

Enough time has passed that I am actually looking forward to it. The cold chill on the sidelines. The stressful "Where's my sock?" pre-game trauma. The camaraderie with our team's fantastic parents.

The post-game ice-cream!

We're ready, team!


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