Monday morning blues... and how to make everyone happy?

It's a hard morning to get up. Dark and gloomy, I feel guilty sending my kids to school when many of their friends are in Florida or other places, but I'd feel worse if I let them stay home and watch TV. What good would that do them?

A lot happened this weekend on the BOE front. Apparently the teachers voted to let the union negotiate. Some concessions have been made - and some things have been restored to the budget. Nothing will be guaranteed until teachers vote on this today. You can read about this here. I would have been disappointed if they didn't negotiate.

On the homefront - we have my mother-in-law and niece visiting for the next week. I love having them here, but it is always hard to find things that both my 15 year old niece and my 9 year old son want to do. When I choose to do what my niece wants/needs (usually shopping) my son stays home and plays video games or watches TV. When I choose him, then I am not as good a hostess. My idea for a day with a compromise trip to Philly got vetoed.

The hardest thing for Moms to learn? You can't make everyone happy!

But now is the example of how I'm REALLY making the kids miserable? I'm sending them to school on this snow-day payback day. I think I'll take my niece shopping (if she wants to go) while they are in school. Better get going.


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