Major bummer - it's everyone's fault- all three unions and the BOE! I don't want to hear anyone who works at BRRSD say they are sad about any cuts whatsoever! And I want to know, that somehow, the BOE did everything in it's power. What did it offer???

Teachers, please don't complain about losing the janitorial service at the next BOE meeting- it sounds hypocritical!! Even more so: please don't complain next year or even mention large class sizes as to why you can't help my struggling son. I expect you to teach just as well or better no matter how many kids are in your classes!

And, any administrator who works in the district better be much more willing to help my kids than they have been in the past. No excuses, OK!

How did I get so anti-union? I'm a left wing, socially liberal Democrat! My mother was a teacher!!!! Yet, I feel like the district I moved to isn't where I thought I'd be living. And that this whole thing is surreal.

What am I talking about?  This

I'm so disappointed and conflicted. I want to do well by my kids' individual teachers. I want them to be well paid. But I also see that these costs (of course NOT just teachers, the cost of administration makes me even sicker!) are tearing the district into shreds... when teachers want us to pay more taxes every year to cover their raises, I understand where they are coming from. But they also need to understand that we - the families who live here - have also been hit by the economic crisis and not to ignore it's existence. Although I seem fine, our family has also felt the crisis this past year.

BTW - I know ALL about tough negotiations. My life is one big negotiation and I am constantly losing. Better cut today's losses and get to bed!


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