Spring chicken???

I'm almost afraid to write the words lest I jinx it. It's been in the low 60s and sunny the past few days. The whole area is saying "aaah". Is spring here???

I've even turned off the heat am planning to change the window with a screen at the front door.

But there are areas of concern threatening just beneath the surface, namely the situation with our schools.

Last week I went from cautious optimism to pessimism the size of the Atlantic. It sounds like the BOE and the various unions are playing a game of chicken with our school aged kids as the losers.

Yes, I get that the teachers and administrators have had it a bit too sweet the last few years. While everyone else is getting cuts, they have continued to get raises. I agree that in these times they should take a temporary wages freeze, but I feel the same way about all district employees.

I am worried... but I have to remind myself what my parents taught me, i.e. that the foundation of a strong education starts in the home. If your kids see you reading, they will be more likely to read. If your kids see you care about their success, they will be more likely to succeed. If you have self-discipline and determination in your life, they will learn these traits too. It's a good thing my kids have two parents. I read much more than my husband does, but he is much more disciplined than I am. They will have good and bad examples here at our Casa L.

Enough from the disillusioned parent who wonders if we should cut our losses in Bridgewater and bail, or if we should try to create change from within. It's a beautiful day and I am, for once, very motivated to clean the house and make it as nice as this lovely day.

Be well, dear readers!


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