Tuesday - prep the ark....

I actually believe in Noah's story for the first time in my life!

Two weeks ago we ventured into NYC, SM, TM, N and I - another family plus BM joined us. It was definitely the worst NYC trip I'd had in years. We spent the day wet: either from walking a few blocks in the down-pouring rain (who knew the rain could blow sideways with all those skyscrapers to protect you?!). The "fun" went beyond our perpetual state of dampness: One child ended up in the ER- the parents thought it was appendicitis, but it was only a belly ache. MoMA was more crowded than I'd ever seen it! It took 1/2 an hour to get tickets... but my friend found a condom on the floor!!! The kids loved the Tim Burton exhibition but I'll admit I still didn't totally get the artist is "present" Marina Abromovic. I used to know several performance artists, and I enjoy performance art, but this wasn't quite for me... there is only so long I can watch two people stare into each others' eyes and try to see how they are being present.

Mars 2112 was OK - but I'm guessing I won't be going many more times since the kids are getting a bit too big for it.  I didn't take the spaceship since it makes me queasy.

That's a good thing, because our ride home (again, we were soaking) wasn't via the New Jersey transit train as we'd planned - it was via bus from the Port Authority station. NJ Transit had to cancel all service due to the weather. When we finally got to New Brunswick, Easton Ave was closed, so we had to backtrack to get home.

Today I learned from my mistakes, cut my losses and we stayed in Bridgewater! C and cousin S saw a movie, MIL and I shopped and enjoyed a nice lunch, while T took N to see a different movie in Manville. Safely at home, I put on my PJs and laid in bed until now. Much better than another day in Monsoon-Manhattan!

Leftovers for dinner. It's OK to laze-it sometimes!


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