Beyond my comfort zone

(Not pulled straight, it's even in real life)
I am knitting a sweater for my husband and have been for more than 18 months. It is a very intricate pattern, it was a lot of yarn to lug around and the pattern isn't even in English, so today when I was trying to figure the next step, I couldn't tell whether I was supposed to do a certain sewing stitch... but that made even less sense, of what, I didn't know.  The final (hopefully correct) version: pin an arc to mark the neckline, sew (with a machine) around the neckline and CUT (as in the knitted yarn) out your neckline. YIKES! The technique is called steaking and I'm proud that I managed it without fainting. This time... Managing something successfully gave me an instantaneous confidence booster.

It pushed me to apply for a couple of jobs that are outside my comfort zone, too. Why should I be stuck with the same old, same old?

It took weeks to get the gumption to do this. I've knit lots of sweaters before, but I always got help with the hard parts. Getting better at something means you learn to manage the hard parts on your own too.

Some challenges you can't manage on your own. Here's to trying to rise to the ones that you can.


wow.....I wish I could do that......that looks so your blog.....the c post was funny....yes, your logging exercise has got me wanting to do the same....

from DC

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