A little sunshine

The sun is out. In my hometown it is the Great White North and they are digging out from a foot of snow. So I will take a little sun today in New Jersey as it has certainly been a very gloomy week!!!

Time is sweeping by. My daughter and her friends gave us a rare photo shoot before heading to a Bat Mizvah. I know I'm not Jewish and don't have any childhood experience with this, but when did a religious celebration turn into a fashion show or prom? They look so grown up. Suddenly I will blink my eyes and they will be dressing for their real prom... hopefully with well-mannered dates and the same sweet girls.
Ready to dance the day away....
Meanwhile on this sunny Saturday, my son needs some entertainment besides Pokemon shows and my Dad needs to get out of the house. I'll take them to RVCC's planetarium for a matinee. We're fortunate to have a planetarium just a few miles away. In less time that it takes to drive to Manville and see a movie (and for less money) I can take Grandpa, N and N's friend to the farthest reaches of the universe. Yes, it defeats the purpose of a sunny day, but N has shown an interest in Astronomy, so we'll cultivate it and see where it leads. Besides,we'll be spending the afternoon looking at suns, just not our own.

Tomorrow and next week - more rain in the forecast, both literally and figuratively. I am looking forward to a spring full of optimism, after too many clouds in Winter 2011.  Spring seems to bring endless opportunity for sunshine and growth. Sign me up!


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