Now what starts with the letter C????

COOKIE STARTS WITH C.... Let's think of other things that starts with C... (two year old curly girl adds her name)

C is for ... C - - - - - - (add my daughter's name) that's good enough for me...
C is for C - - - - - -, that's good enough for me...
C is for C - - - - - - ,
C is for C - - - - - -, that's good enough for me...
Oh C- - - - - -, C - - - - - -, C - - - - - - starts with C!

Can you hear in your mind's ears a young mom singing this hundreds of times in the car, trying to entertain a 2 year old girl driving through the hills to my in-laws' summer house, about 3 hours away? It's one of lots of associations I have with public television and radio.

Today I am remembering that CUT also starts with the letter C. But it's not as good as a cookie!!! There are many articulate arguments to keep PBS all over the internet. One was recently in the Seattle Times and another on the Huffington Post. But there is a website that is organizing the movement to keep PBS - it's 170 Million Americans or I've signed up, have you?

My kids are past Dragon Tales, Clifford or even Arthur (Sigh, I LOVED that show), and has been replaced by Facebook and Wizard 101.

They are rediscovering PBS. N is for NOVA. My future Scientist (N) has a show that challenges his brain far more than I could. My daughter and her friend recently watched a Pilot Guide program on the Slave Trade just as they were learning "the real story" in US History. My son's teachers use PBSs programming (recently Bill Nye the Science Guy) as an enrichment opportunity, since the formal enrichment program has been cut from the curriculum. PBS picks up where the schools leave off. Enrichment for everyone - any age, almost any field.

This doesn't even take into account my one true love... NPR... but this is about how PBS impacted my kids...... and as their brains and interests grow, let's hope PBS will grow with them.


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