I spent much of the day preoccupied. Until about 5:30 when I heard terrible news. Then I woke up!

The Poppet-Family has had several near-misses over the past few years. We had the big near miss on I-78. My husband nearly killed our son when he ran himself over with a pick-up truck in our driveway last year (I wasn't allowed to blog about it). And last month we nearly lost our dog.

Today there was a shooting in Bridgewater next door to where I shop nearly every day for the fresh bread my family so loves. In fact, I had left the store only an hour and 15 minutes before. While this is more a coincidence than luck, I feel especially grateful tonight that my family is under one roof.

If my day had been moved forward one hour....... I'd have been in the right place at the wrong time, and I'm so grateful that at 4:45 today instead of Wegmans, I was home, running late. As usual...

I feel for Roy's** family, who weren't so lucky and tonight find themselves dealing with this tragedy. I'm worrying about them right now.

Oh - and here's a friendly tip for BW news organizations: Next time there are reports of a shooting in the area, please remember that people would like to know one thing, above all else: is there someone armed running from the scene? For several hours there were lots of rumors, and very little information.

** Edit: I changed the jewelry owner's name from Ray to Roy as I noticed my mistake from the newspapers. My confusion may also be due to the fact that the Wegmans in my hometown also has a jeweler in the same strip mall. There I am certain the name is Ray's! That is also a family business and not a chain.


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