Salt & Light

As many of you know, I am not the most convinced Christian. But lately I have been attending church pretty regularly - when I don't have anything else to do for my friend, I can ask God to help her family. And I ALWAYS get something meaningful from a good sermon.

Today's readings were very meaningful. The Psalm was something my sister and I sang at a summer choir camp in Canada in 1985 and reading the English text I could hear it in my mind's ear the music in Latin. The Gospel today was straight our of Godspell and brought me back to our 1987 high school performance. So I heard this in my mind's ear as the Deacon read from St. Matthew. Very different musical places to go in a short period of time...

The sermon focused on how we can serve others and how sharing these good works can inspire others to do their own good deeds. Please don't take this as bragging, or as a way to make you feel guilty. Ask anyone who knows me knows I have plenty of bad qualities too. Some people call me as loud and arrogant. Last night someone called me closed-minded. My kids would say I can be pretty mean. A close friend called me a boyfriend thief. Sharing this is just a way to "let my light shine before men so that they might know some kindness again." If my good deeds make you want to go out and do something nice for a stranger then it's a good thing. We all have things we can do for others.  I know you have some too!

Even acts of kindness sometimes need a plan. Here's mine:
Teddy's heading to Africa
  • Remember the stew?  It's getting a 2nd chance to make a first impression. I'm bringing it to a neighbor (whom I don't know) who has cancer. Last week I gave my name to someone saying I'd be willing to help bring them food. I figured I wouldn't hear back... but I did. So it'll be stew for that family on Tuesday.  There are plenty of places for you to bring food - SHIP or the Food Bank are two wonderful resources helping those in need. I'll also try to bring food to my friend ES and her family (see link above).
  • I'm hoping to finish knitting a teddy bear today. You can click here for more information. It will go to Africa to comfort children of families affected by AIDS. A kid who doesn't have toys will love Teddy.

  • I'm also working on knitting a baby blanket for donation. I started it several months ago and haven't gotten very far, even though it couldn't be easier. Not even knit-purl, it's knit, knit, knit, knit, knit, knit....
  • Today I'm donating my time to my alma mater interviewing potential students for them. This helps the school find great students, and helps the kids get a competitive edge.
  • Yesterday I translated a letter from someone's great Aunt "in the old country". This allows her Mom to keep in touch with the family and hear their news.
I'm not saying I won't benefit from my own altruism. But if it helps inspire you to do something for others, then this blog was time well spent.

Enjoy Superbowl Sunday! Have some extra goodies for me. I have good friends/family rooting for both sides this year, and I've got no favorite - so may the best team win!


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