Dog House....

Do you know what it's like when you know someone close to you is angry at you? 

Maybe my readers are perfect... and everyone adores them unconditionally, and you read this blog to see examples of imperfection. This blog is about lots of things: my perfection has never been a topic.

Again, I'm in a Dog House. Often when I've hurt someone's feeling or done something wrong I like the direct approach: apologize, fix it and go on. This time I wonder: Speak openly and hope to come to an understanding, or ignore it, brushing it under the rug and hoping the disappointment in me blows away? This time I tried to approach the subject... with no luck. Mostly it made clear how angry she is. Since that didn't work, do I ignore it, and wait for the unexpected, but inevitable, attack?

No one I know has memory issues (unless working TOO well is a medical defect). She will remember "how I wronged her" far longer than all the good I've done for her over the years.  I can hear her now: criticizing soccer mom "if she hadn't run for BOE she would have had plenty of time to do this!  It was so selfish of her to run!" Or "If she hadn't gone back to work, she would have done this." Or "Isn't it like Soccer Mom to mess this up! She's so bad at this stuff! Someone else (whom I'm often compared to and come up short) is soooo much better than Soccer Mom. She would have never done that!" The disdain in her voice. And, the irony is that I'm not really at fault - someone else made this decision. And, ultimately, nothing was stopping her from doing what she wanted anyway.

I can say the mea culpa, but even a beautiful apology doesn't erase a bad memory. 

Have a good Sunday.......  I'm meeting  former colleague for breakfast. I need it!


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