Potty talk...

Ever hear about stories that you think "that can't be true!"? This time, can't means "Please don't let this be true!"

Today I heard a story that I found to be so sad. Bad parenting has taken on a new meaning. Competitive mothering is a word I often use about 08807-moms who try to show how they protect their children in the name of good mothering, when really they have a sick ulterior motive: to feel that they are the better mothers.

Today I heard a story about over-parenting gone awry.

A friend of mine has a 5 year old.  He travels abroad for many months at a time for his job. And apparently his wife who stays home has some unconventional ideas about appropriate parenting.

She's wants to hold her kid back from beginning kindergarten. That's normal enough around here - it seems every parent with a child born in August or September keeps their kid home an extra year. (Except those of us who don't... but that's for a different blog). Most parents do it to let their kid be more confident. Or maybe on larger so they can play varsity sports in high school - long-term planning.

This Mom is considering it because she hasn't potty trained him! (Apparently he had two accidents so she gave up!). She doesn't want him to use the words pee or poo. In fact, she lectured a neighbor's pre-school child (this didn't happen in the 08807-area) for telling another child "I have to go pee". The disservice she is doing her son, imho, borders on harmful. Crazy woman. Who does that to a kid???? "I didn't feel like potty training him, so I didn't because I think the word Pee is offensive!"

Judging other moms is what I hate most in motherhood. But sometimes, it's just hard not to. I don't know her well enough to say something, but I think it is harmful to her kid.

The bar just fell a little lower, and the Moms who make me nuts here just got one-upped. Not in a good way!


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