A sign?

Everyone has secrets... one of mine is that when I go grocery shopping, I am usually in a hurry (either I'm needed at home or I have put the perishables) but I still manage to spend (or waste?) five minutes looking at knitting magazines. Starting at $7 a pop, I almost never buy any. Today, however, I did!  I couldn't resist. It was an Interweave Press magazine and most of the stuff looked very basic. But I had to have this issue. I think the magazine was a sign: go back to your roots. Go back to yourself.

About 18 months ago I bought myself yarn. Not just any yarn - a blend of merino wool, cashmere and silk, aptly called Sublime. I bought it in a gorgeous red color - on sale, of course - and it has been sitting in my closet ever since. I promised myself that I wouldn't start anything with it until I had finished the sweater for T and I've kept that promise so far. I've got about 99.9% of it done. But that last .1% is left - and I'm stuck.

Isn't it a bit optimistic to start something new before I have finished what I've already been working on and unable to finish for years? But after searching high and low I've found the pattern, or at least the series I'll choose from.

The one I think I'll knit is called Montour Falls cardigan. There are other patterns called Seneca and Lodi. Places near and dear to me. Montour Falls is only about 15 miles from where I grew up. Seneca Lake is only a few miles farther up Route 14.

I like knitting to mean something. Summer is coming. I know it must be soon (60s and tons of rain on this May day). Why not knit something that is named in honor of my favorite area... my home? Why not start it? On this rainy night, it will feel nice to have the yarn I've been waiting to knit for so long between my fingers. I could have started it months or years ago - but I guess I needed something special about a pattern. This one will say: go back to your roots. Where you are happy and comfortable and feel loved. As Dorothea says at the end of Oz - if you ever go looking for your heart's desire, you don't need to look any farther than your own backyard.

Montour, indeed!

*** Editorial note: I know that Montour is spelled that way, but Ravelry spelled it Mountour, so I assumed *I* was wrong. Clearly, a native of the Southern Tier should know better than a silly knitting site, but I didn't trust myself. I looked it up and corrected the blog. Sorry folks.


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