A Tuesday morning view of the world....

It's a very humid morning. I can't tell whether it will rain or not. But I can tell that there is no reason to fight it: I can't do anything about my hair. Put some gel in it and let it do it's thing. The frizzy curl is a force unto itself!

My office is an amazing place - I'm amazed by the temperature variation. Offices vary from the 80s to the low 60s. My office (well, my "closet") is usually around 62 F, even if the office across the hallway is probably 25 degrees warmer. We spend a lot of time talking about the office's weather. Yesterday I literally wore 2 sweaters to keep warm! It is beyond our control.

Today IT is upgrading some system, so we will be without e-mail, the server and our main software all day long. Also, beyond my control.

Maybe it's a good time to focus on what I can control.

A few weeks ago I suggested to my boss that he send me on a small mission. Today I intend to remind him that I'm up to the challenge and hope he sends me. I want to prove myself.

Maybe that's not completely within my control either, but I think it's worth a try. That's what 2011 is about: trying.

What are you attempting today?

*** Afternoon viewpoint update:

Mission plans shot down. Spent day doing dull administrative tasks. May have to take summer off to job search. What color is my parachute? Hopefully a nice shade of tan!


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