My daughter wore her "outfit from Eleanor's". Of course, she meant her black skirt and shirt that we bought with with LuLu and NR last winter. This time it was for the wake of someone whom I'd never met, but heard lots about. A loving husband and father.

Politics are politics, and love is love.

I complain about the union, and A LOT about the BOE. But if I want one thing to be clear in this blog, it is that I have really fallen in love with some of the teachers we have come across in the district. Maybe I forget to mention how ever-grateful I am that our fate brought us to such wonderful people. Do I love every teacher we've ever had the "pleasure" (ha!) of dealing with? No. Have I always agreed with those whom I did love?  Nope. But don't misunderstand my bitching and moaning: We have been blessed many times over in Bridgewater.

Tonight I brought my daughter and NR to the wake of the husband of their second grade teacher. Ms. Teacher and I have a lot in common. Both of us come off as a little rough around the edges. Both of us are not afraid of being direct and honest, and in our own ways we both advocate for kids.  I LOVE both C's kindergarten and 1st grade teachers. So when I say that Ms. 2nd grade teacher taught my daughter to read, it isn't that I'm criticizing Mrs. Kindergarten and Mrs. First-Grade. At our Teacher Conference in November Ms Teacher said she had to redo C's reading assessment several times because she jumped 2 grade levels from September to November. I also remember that I was perturbed when N was in 2nd grade, thinking that their lack of journal-writing was a "watering down" of the system, when really Ms. Teacher was DIFFERENTIATING the curriculum to meet C's need for enrichment. I'm grateful for Ms. Teacher.

Ms. Teacher suddenly lost her husband this week. Here again, she and I have something in common. We are both married to immigrants, and have children who are living in dual-culture homes. We are bi-lingual and bi-cultural.

My heart goes out to Ms. Teacher. She also married a man seeking the American dream. Neither of us are the most popular, but we are both smart and honest. Neither of us have hidden agendas (I don't think) and we aren't afraid to disagree with those around us. That's why I like her.

I'm am really sorry for her. A Father's wake on the eve of Father's Day - it's awful, and a funeral the same weekend as a daughter's graduation - horrible! She's too young to lose her husband. Her kids are too young to lose their dad... Ms. Teacher is a strong woman, and in time will get through this, because that is what strong women do. I hope she knows I care. And I hope she knows that I'm thinking of her and will be for a long time to come. Cause in the end we may disagree (and I haven't actually asked her) about BOE/BREA/BW politics (but I'm guessing we do), but we  probably agree that she is a good person, and this is a very sad loss.


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