tempus fugit

I spent last week as I have spent many summer weeks: at my in-laws' summer house.

As I write this (on my cell phone, so don't expect much text or editing), I am watching the plane with my husband and children take off for Copenhage, where they will catch the flight HOME. I'll be on a similar plane in less than a week but I still am tearing up as their plane is taxiing (?) and taking off into the clouds before my eyes.

When you travel to the same place to do the same things every year you can easily think that the more things change the more they stay the same. But not this year. My kids are changing. My daughter is almost an adult. Last night she confidently drove me around in the boat that I cursed my husband for letting her take out solo just a few years ago. This summer my (less confident) son tried hard to master the boat... and the language. It's amazing to see the changes in him in a week.

I realized I'm getting older too. That's ok. Last year I jogged 10 km... this year I did it twice. I also let my son guide me through an old, dark, dank underground bunker from the Germans. At first I said no way.... It's good to know that the kids aren't the only ones who can develop and grow. Mom and Dad can too.


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