Moral Relativism

Several of my friends have been outraged about the whole Weinerscandal.

I'm yawning.

I just don't care enough about what politicians do to spend my limited emotional resources worrying about them. Bill Maher really had me laughing last night when I saw this (don't watch with your kids around!!! This is HBO*, after all!):

But what if I did care. I mean, what if it were one of my friends? It's easy to judge a politician over coffee with my happily married girlfriends. To be honest, Hillary staying with Bill sent a terrible message of "stand by your man" that still bugs me more than even Arnold or countless other politicians...

Sometimes when I watch TV I find myself cheering that the main character will cheat, sometimes not (In Sex-and-the-City I wanted Carrie to stay faithful to Aiden, but I wanted her to cheat on Alexander). Moral relativism from the safety of my sofa.

It's different in real life!  How do we treat our imperfect friends? I know I am guilty of moral relativism here - a friend recently told me she had cheated on her husband, and I was actually happy for her! Another friend's liaison? I have to admit I've been less supportive. Moral relativism. 

Is little moral relativism a good thing? Who of us is perfect? Not me! I talk on my cell while driving every single day. My house is a mess. I'd rather drink wine than water. And on and on the list goes. How about you? Never mind... that's between You and YOU. Maybe you are perfect, or close to it... and maybe this song is for you?


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