Skirting the issue

I have to admit it: my daughter has good taste. She likes pretty (albeit expensive) clothes and generally speaking we don't argue about what she wants to wear that often.
C's wearing a similar skirt.**

Today I love her outfit. She is wearing a navy flowered miniskirt (purchased at a store that you can both hear and smell from 500 feet away) and a pink t-shirt.

She looks great!

But earlier this year she got in trouble for the same skirt being too short for dress code (they didn't measure in the office, they just eyed her and wrote her name down). This skirt may be a little short, but otherwise it is age-appropriate, so it really got my goat when C had detention because it "looked too short". C says it is bias against taller girls. She happened to meet the Superintendent at the Middle School. What was the one thing the girls wanted to change about the MS? The answer was easy: the dress code! (She also wanted him to give her LAL teacher a raise, which he said he couldn't do).

Another time C asked if she and her friends could bring a petition before the BOE. She got a lesson in division of power (I didn't have the heart to tell her that the BOE doesn't seem to care how many people sign petitions). I explained that the BRMS dress code is up to the Principal. She found both the Superintendent AND the BOE less intimidating than the Principal!

So today when the district is apparently contemplating sending children home early because of the heat, I hope that the powers that be in the air-conditioned offices of the Middle School give a little slack on the dress code! I'd rather have my daughter be in a morally questionably-length skirt (ha!) then lose 2 hours of instruction. But that's just me.....

** Picture from - accessed June 8, 2011. 


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