Under the Sea

Down the shore...
"Such wonderful things are all around you,
what more are you looking for?
Under the sea,
Under the sea,
Darling it's is better,
down where it's wetter,
take it from me...
Up on the shore,
they work all day,
Out in the sun they slave all day...
While we devoting, full time we're floating,
Under the sea...."

Dissecting the squid. Students of all ages welcome
My son's school has a special marine program called MARE. It's part of their Science curriculum, but they really focus on and celebrate marine life every June. This is my 3rd year attending and I really enjoyed myself. After the decorations, we rushed to be the first group to dissect the squid. It was my daughter's former Science teacher who was running the show, and as usual she did a great job breaking it down and preventing a major yuck factor. We learned the various parts, what they were for and also a little squid trivia. Did you know they swim at 20 miles per hour and live all over the planet?? (Or that they are eaten in every country in the world?)

Although it seemed much less crowded this year than in the past, I really think that it is a highlight of the Science curriculum, and includes what I have been complaining that the school lacks: enrichment that encompasses EVERYONE regardless of level. I learned lots of things - and our squid was a girl. There is both an ink and a pen in a squid. Who knew?

There were more games in past years, but this year they had done more decorating, effectively transforming the school into an ocean. Every single child had an opportunity to share their knowledge - and their artistic talents - and it was certainly a team effort. There were 3D fish (and other marine life) all over the school.

Best part of all... finally using the "beach"
But the best part of all: the relaxed atmosphere. So often you go to PTO or school events and it is stressful. How often do you see a Principal in a Hawaiian shirt?

Sitting outside, waiting for it to get dark enough to enjoy the outdoor movie (which never really materialized - when they planned this last winter, they forgot how late it stays light in mid-June), the kids and parents all used the beach-area. Parents talked with one another, kids ran around, not really caring that there was no movie (Oceans was also playing in the gym).

We finally gave up waiting for darkness and let the kids play on the playground.

It was a beautiful night. My son loved it and so did I!


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