a few days and a few tanks

We spent way too much time away this summer. That's the verdict. This week, my husband is away again (for work). But I'm almost too busy to notice. We've had a house full of kids - but even more so - a CARLOAD of kids. I went through a tank of gas in less than 48 hours!

But in spite of my being sick of the Mazda, I'm having a blast. I love hearing them laugh.  Even with the constant reminder to turn down (or off) the inappropriate music (they want me to drive around blasting some really "heinous" stuff) I'm happy to be in their world. I wish that practice didn't trump day trips to the beach on days like today. But if four weeks of summer camp taught me one thing: I can go to the beach without them, but I prefer to be with them.

This time next week they'll be back in school. Back to school is a very different experience for the upper school parent than the elementary/intermediate school parent. I have to step back and let them step forward fighting their own battles and making their own way. Of course there is a PTO at both BRMS and BRRHS but it isn't (for me, at least) like the coziness of elementary school. Most of all, I miss helping kids pick books to check out in Van Holten's library.

But in this hot August week, I can still bring them some joy: Ritas, Yogurt Oasis and conversation around a lively table.  Tonight they've requested Thai Food (one of our guests has never tasted it before). It's a beautiful night, so they'll have to let me have some fun too. 

We'll dine al fresco... Thai in a park. Enjoying the days of summer while we can. Before we know it, it will be too cold to even think about a meal in the sun. Worse than that, the days when they allow me to be included are numbered. In two years and two months C will have her license and the umbilical cord will be completely gone.

So for tonight I proclaim: Carpe Phad'ia - Seize the noodles!


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