New hope

I was at the High School very early this morning. The coaches and trainers were positive and helpful. Not sure if it was because the Trainer had a poster from my home town where he played baseball professionally, probably many years ago. We lamented the loss of the team and the downward economic spiral of Elmira.

I've been so apprehensive about the new year starting without a contract, (not to mention the fact that I didn't have my paperwork in by the deadline), that their friendly responses this morning came as a surprise.

Maybe the teachers have spent some time this summer, as I have, distancing themselves from the politics of the negotiations and enjoying a little family time and sunshine. Perhaps they've been reading nice books, enjoying a few beers with friends? Working on a tan?

As September approaches I am looking forward to my kids starting their new schools. I'm not sure how it is possible that I have a daughter who is almost 15 years old, since I'm far too young to have a teenager (in my mind), but I do. My freshman year was one of the most fun and adventurous of my life. Trips to Vermont, drive-in movies, new friends. New worlds opened up in 9th grade. I wonder what changes are in store for my daughter. She seems worldly enough, if you ask me.... but new friends and new experiences are in store, and there is no turning this train back.

And if the rest of the High School goes like this morning, it will be easier than I could have hoped.


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