Sad in Somerville

One of my main gripes about Bridgewater is its lack of a downtown. I've adopted Somerville. Besides, it's closer than much of Bridgewater to our home. Among other places, I generally shop at The Hungry Hound, Discover Wine and Alexandra's Boutique. Today I had to run an errand at the Courier News and my daughter and a friend wanted to walk around Main St. They ended up eating at Alfonso's, supporting another local family business...

Unfortunately other Mom and Pops aren't going to be there anymore. Lloyd's European Market is holding a Going Out of Business Sale, but even at 50% off, I couldn't afford much beyond a pillow. Perhaps their target audience just resides in a different zip code? They are closing just a few months after changing their business plan to a more affordable model, but still it was a step beyond what I wanted to spend.

Lots of For Rent signs on Main Street
One of my favorite places for a bagel or an omelet no longer exists, Razzle Dazzle Cafe. It's sad to see so many places for rent on Main Street. But it's the same thing across much of America.

I did my part to support Somerville's economy. Besides the pillow, I bought two bottles of wine and two tank tops (at 50% off, $12 wasn't a huge boost to the economy).  Today there are going to be sidewalk sales all over town. Go spend a few bucks. It feels good.

Maybe someday an (until now unknown) Aunt will leave me enough to start my little dream: a yarn shop in Somerville reducing the number of For Rent signs.

Until then, I enjoy supporting others' dreams. Today I'm going to try a (relatively) new establishment: 75 West will get a chance to do my hair. I requested someone who can cut curly or ethnic hair. Usually I like Bridgewater's Hair Unique, but occasionally I try something different.

I hope you will join me in supporting Our Downtown. I shop Bridgewater's stores, but mostly they are chains. Not so in Somerville. But remember: pay the meter! Lovely Rita is hard at work on Somerville's streets!! Parking is not expensive but tickets are.


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