I read the obituaries in my hometown paper, online, every day or so. My family has lived in a small town for generations, so I tend to recognize names. My Dad stopped getting the paper about 10 years ago, and since then my sister and I check for his friends' names. I used to call him regularly to ask "didn't you work with this person?" Now he's older, with fewer friends left, so I only call every few weeks or so with bad news.

This morning I saw something really tragic - two people with the same last name had obituaries (I opened it because he worked with someone with the same last name, but it doesn't look like they are related). It turns out it was two brothers brothers who had died within a few days of each other after a car accident last week. One would have been starting his freshman year in high school. The other, beginning his senior year.

When I read such things, I realize that I am the most fortunate woman in the world. Two healthy, happy children. A beautiful family - a lovely home. Countless friends.

What's most important here in this world? Not the small stuff that I seem to get so worked up over - politics and the like - but that my family is healthy and well. My dad - a truly unique and wonderful man - is EIGHTY-SEVEN, healthy and has all his faculties.

Tomorrow we pick up N from camp. In honor of the mother who has to bury both her sons this weekend, N will get extra kisses and hugs.

It's terrible to be reminded how lucky I am. But it's important, too.


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