Savvy in Somerville (an update from Sad)

Saturday morning live
Just got back from Somerville. It was a little quiet at 11am - quiet enough for a film crew to manage shooting a commercial without much interference from the curious public (I'm not shy, I took pictures). I don't usually watch many commercials, as we DVR most shows, so I may miss an upcoming Heeley shoe ad, but if and when it runs, maybe you'll recognize Main Street?

Proud as a peacock after a fab cut from Ky (see previous post - but try this link for 75 West) I hope someone - anyone - notices I had my hair done. I see it... Ky gets my curly hair and I love the way it looks and feels!!!

After a primping, I returned to Discover Wines - and said I enjoyed the wine I had bought yesterday, but I couldn't remember what it was. No problem. He knew exactly what it was. And at about $10, I bought another bottle. He also picked out a red and white for tomorrow when I'm invited to a small barbecue. I didn't know what we will be eating, but he still found a good choice. Did I mention that they have a wall of wine specifically designed for the many great BYO-restaurants in Somerville? Are you eating at Origin? There's a wine just for you. What about the Portuguese restaurant? Something for that too.... I have yet to try this out (since I usually have lunch there) but I look forward to giving it a try.

Finally, I realized that Diego needed a second leash. I'm sick of looking for the one non-chain leash. Back at The Hungry Hound poop bags were only $0.99 a roll. Got that too. If only the humidity would lift, I would feel more inclined to walk the dog. Hopefully a new leash will inspire me.

My daughter is meeting a friend in Somerville. I look forward to hearing about her little trip. When I was her age I could take the bus to our downtown with my little sister. A downtown that barely exists today. Just one or two Main Street stores from the 1980s are in business. Iszards department store - gone. Rosenbaums too. Fanny Farmer gone and the bookstore that replaced it, gone too. And of course... People's Place: a hippy clothing store where my brother worked with a now-iconic designer closed in the late 1970s. Will C look as fondly on Main Street in Somerville as I do on Elmira's Main Street? I sure hope so.

Somerville may lack a yarn shop, but it has plenty of ice cream (or "Fro-yo" or Italian Ice). And for us weak ice-cream eaters, I'm glad they have options for a good tough workout. Next week I'll head to another Somerville business: Strength and Honor Fitness. It's a hard workout, but my flab needs no more excuses. I saw a new cafe scheduled to open on the new PEDESTRIAN street. That is something I absolutely love!

Finally, tomorrow morning, I'm hoping for some inspiration from Father Ron at Somerville's St. John's Episcopal Church. Doors closing on some businesses, but there's always an open door somewhere else.


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