Response to Dick's blog

I was planning on posting a completely different blog today (that I wrote but will save for another day), but I read this on Dick Bergeron's Bridgewater Blog.

I was thinking about commenting, but I still wonder if my politicking hurts my kids. So, I'll post it here instead, where traffic mostly comes from family and friends. Here's what I thought about responding in the comments section:

In my humble opinion there are no winners here. Will a new contract restore good relations between the parties, or is this part of a wider national debate we see reflected on so many levels: California state universities cannot graduate students in 4 years because of funding. In DC and New York City we've seen battles over who should sit in the leader's chair - an educator or a fiscal manager (why not BOTH). And, of course, we've all watched Wisconsin. Here in New Jersey the suburban debate revolves around wanting top schools, but wanting lower taxes more.

Today BRHS schedules were posted. While kids used social media to compare who's in what classes, I remembered the animosity of last year. I thought about Springtime BOE meetings and wondered what "worse" would look like.

  • Are the rumors that teachers won't write letters of recommendation true or just a threat to force the BOE's hand? 
  • Has the BREA's rhetoric changed the fundamental relationship between our community and our teachers? 
  • Kids may have forgotten that their teachers picketed their schools, but have parents? And do they care?
  • And what about the relationship between Administration and Teachers/Staff? Is the resentment about the Superintendent and his top advisers' raises harboring longer-term issues?

I'm grateful that there is still another month to work things out.

Thanks, Dick, for another great blog.


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