A USPS pick-me-up

I miss him, but he's not missing me....
I can't help it. I miss my kid. He's been away for 3 1/2 weeks this summer.... and, well, I miss him.

And my daughter is beyond being a teenager. She's a high schooler now and she clearly doesn't need me.

I'm disappointed that my new job isn't taking much time - the economy is bad so that I'm only working 1-2 days a week. A friend of mine e-mailed me today about her new job. It gives me hope that there is something great out there for me.

A one-day a week job wasn't my plan.

BUT something nice did happen to me today. I got a package in the mail. I'm in a yarn swap. I made something for a woman in Maryland and received a package today from a young woman in Louisiana. The max amount to spend is $20... but I fear she spent much more.
Cotton yarn - good for knitting in the heat

Here is a picture of my gift.

Four skeins of yarn, two bags - one of them hand-sewn (the black one in the foreground). Two sets of needles (never used any that big before), a book of patterns, a wine glass, which I'm sure to use. Stitch markers - good for someone like me who can't count to 5 repeatedly. And a package of notecards with a matching pen.

I'm very happy with my gift.

Right now it is a beautiful summer day. I'm heading outside with the yellow yarn that I just received so I can knit sunshines for my on-going project.


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