This is the week when Bridgewater's elementary school population starts checking their mailboxes for placement letters.

In past years we have been at my in-laws' home in Europe when it arrived. My husband called from the US, waking us in the middle of the night with the news. Then I fired up the laptop and e-blasted friends with our placement information, and waited for responses.

This year N can open his own letter and read it himself, then call his friends to hear their fates.

N struggles in school. He is young for his grade, but no one seems to know if his difficulties are due to maturity or other issues. Last year he was in a class with lots of challenged kids. Unfortunately there were too many kids with academic needs and N didn't receive the extra help I wanted for him. I'm afraid that he starts this year even farther behind. This year I will have to be more proactive if he doesn't get placed with the specialist automatically.

I hate that.

But as I write this, N is upstairs with his friend making their own pokemon cards, his mind a million miles from school.

Since it's vacation, shouldn't it be that way? Why can't my mind take summer vacation too?


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