The biggest decision??

"What were they thinking when they picked her outfit?"

That is what I was left with after hearing Michelle Obama last night. Yes, I liked what she said, but truth be told, that was my first and lasting impression.

I get most of my news from NPR or so looks are not the first thing I think about. Generally I don't worry about how I look either.

Tomorrow is a big day, however. After nearly 5 years I have my first interview for a full-time job. The decision about going back to work after 4 years of working part time from home is overwhelming. There are too many questions with unknown answers. How will this affect my kids? Will my marriage suffer from increased pressure? Is it worth it? Instead I am concentrating on the question I CAN answer: what should I wear.

After last night, I know one question I don't want the committee to ask:

"What was she thinking when she picked her outfit?"


Anonymous said…
Hi from Australia

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