Good day/bad day

My kids do taekwondo. So even though I call myself a Soccer Mom, I am actually a TKD mom, much more!

C shines at it. Normally. This week she had a setback. But as you have read here. She tries until she gets over it. If determination is the key, she will do fine.

N is not as focused and that makes it harder for him to succeed. TKD students must learn forms and kicks, and must be controlled in their execution, especially in sparring. N often spars with little control, his excitement taking over his attention.

Last night, however, he was really on his game! They were sparring in class for points against one another and he "won" 3-0. I am quite sure it is the first time he has done that. The teacher came up to me after class and said he was really on his mark last night.


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