The envelope, please...

We are very happy today!

N got to open his envelope and then did his form of the happy dance when he saw his placement. We know his teacher quite well, since C had her 2 years ago. She wonderful and probably the best placement for N, who hopefully will gain more self-confidence this year. The teacher already knows N so it will be a very smooth transition.

As luck would have it, we ran into his upcoming teacher at Target about an hour after getting the letter. Miss Teacher said she was very happy that she will have N. What more could a mother want than a teacher who was happy to have her son in her class?

Since I know Miss Teacher pretty well, I told her I hoped that she would place him with the extra help teacher for his challenges in writing. Poor teacher - she had her placement information one day and already a Mom is asking her for a favor... but she smiled and was not put out.

I was planning to not be a class Mom this year. After 4 years in a row, I thought it was time for a break, but when Miss Teacher asked "Are you going to put in for class Mom?" with a hopeful smile, I guess I will! It's nice to be wanted!


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