My head is spinning!!!

1) My daughter and her friend NR have been hiding a secret: frogs! They have been hiding 5 frogs since God Knows When in NR's room and other unknown places!?! None of them have croaked yet in their care. What is the appropriate punishment for harboring a family of amphibians?

2) My interview went well. I don't think they noticed what I was wearing or my preoccupation with the above-mentioned frogs. They even seemed willing to bring me aboard part-time if I want.

3) And what if they don't want me part time??? Hmm.... Back to the "what if's" I was carefully avoiding yesterday. They seemed interested, but I thought I was a shoe-in at my two previous interviews too. The job seemed cool and I will be bummed if I don't get an offer.

4) What is the next course of action? Tune in next time...


Anonymous said…
Dear Soccer Mom,

I sympathize with your dilema. As NR's mom, I share your horror over this situation. As to what our next move should be, I'm stumped. Part of me wants to ground her, but who knows what sort of mischief she'll get into at home over the next week??

Next week, I'm looking into summer camps for next year! :)
Poppet said…
Update: I spoke to a policeman last night (it's good to bring in law enforcement!). He said that this was no crime and her punishment (their punishment) should be to get a tank, fill it with water and have the girls be forced to take care of them...

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