Leroy Sievers. Rest in peace!

Although when I started this blog I was planning to focus on Bridgewater Raritan Regional School District and it's issues. Today I want to share the loss of someone whom I never met, never spoke to or e-mailed.

Leroy Sievers was a journalist with an impressive resume. Among other things he was the former Producer of Nightline. He may be best remembered for his daily blog called "My Cancer". Leroy chronicled his fight with "the Beast".

Last summer I discovered his blog and I have read it daily since.

Anyone who has ever had cancer, cared for someone with cancer or knows people with cancer saw themselves somewhere in either his blog or people's daily responses. Others fell in love with his wit, his compassion and his honesty. I don't have cancer but lost both my Mom and brother to cancer and these losses play an important part of who I am.

So this weekend my mind is elsewhere. It is with Leroy's wife Laurie Singer, who also contributed occasionally to his blog.

My condolences, Laurie. Takk for alt (thank you for everything), Leroy. You will be remembered. You will be missed.


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