Never give up!

This summer my daughter wanted to water ski.

She REALLY wanted it.

She tried and fell, tried and let go, tried and didn't quite make it... over and over again.

Each day for about a week she would get in the freezing water to go for it again, and when her lips were too blue or she got the wind knocked out of her, she was pulled into the boat.

On the evening before we left, she went at it again. Her determination was almost scary. I wanted her to give up so I could go in and warm up, but she wouldn't let herself. She HAD to get up and ride those skis once around the island.

Finally she did it! It was glorious!

But is that much determination a problem? Is she pushing herself too hard? Does she feel like she has to succeed at any cost?

No. Throughout her life she will have to learn that hard work and determination aren't always enough to attain your goal.

But for this summer. She has learned the opposite: with hard work and determination YOU CAN meet your goal!


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