Date Night

It's Date Night. Kids are farmed out (thank you MR and SM) and I've been straightening my bangs in the vain hope they will stay straight until at least 8pm.

T and I don't prioritize our relationship with each other. We spend very little time out together - yes, we have several TV shows that we watch together, but it is seldom that we go out to dinner or to a movie, just the two of us. Now that the kids are older, I had expected we would be have the freedom to do our own thing, but as the kids grow older they have more they want to do. If we weren't going into the city, we'd have been at the Pine Wood Derby. Last weekend we hosted sleepovers both Friday and Saturday nights. It seems like their activities are never ending and ours never start.

My parents went out a lot without us when I was a kid. We spent pretty much every Saturday night with faithful babysitting sisters C & MJ or with my grandmother while my parents were out either with friends or on their own. So I took it for granted that this was how all married couples are. T's parents almost never eat out together. They even ate separately at home on the night of their 30th anniversary - I was shocked! I've learned that T and I come from very different worlds and I have to change my expectations, because they are different from how he was raised. Where he comes from eating out in an extravagance. In my household it wasn't.

So today I am as giddy as a teenager. We are going into the city for dinner and a show. It is a very rare event. The tickets were my Christmas present and I am wearing red and feeling like a young kid on Christmas morning.


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