Friends facing dilemmas...

It's a new year and another blog posting!

My daughter's punishment is formally finished. I am hoping that she has learned a lesson about the value of friendship and not just spent the week letting her anger at me fester. She spent the last 3 days lying around the house watching movies with her dad. Is that punishment? Not really! Was she thinking about what she had done? Doubtful. Time will show if she learned her lesson. Hopefully things will improve at lunchtime for a certain group of 5th graders...

In the mean time I have had friends facing dilemmas big and small.

One girlfriend was at a New Years Eve party and a husband (not hers) grabbed her ass, not once, but twice in front of a room full of people including his wife. What's Oprah's advice on that one? What would Miss Manners do? She asked if I think my friend should tell him this behavior isn't appropriate or appreciated? Hell yes! So for the record: inappropriate ass grabbing is always bad form!

Another girlfriend (M) is unsure about Facebook. She is concerned about its security and has been very hesitant to join. Another friend (S) has posted pictures of M's kids using first and last names on S's page. I try not to post pictures of kids pictures up with first and last names - but when I googled my son, the picture doesn't come up. So, I'm not too worried. I am concerned about my friends - they also work together. How will they resolve this?

Finally I spent some time on the phone with a friend (a different S) who is temporarily housebound. To cheer her up I told her my latest family scandal. It's amazing that my mother's extended family is never short of new material. It also makes it so I can enjoy other people's stories without judgment. I live in a glass house myself!

So friends, in the new year I hope you face easily solved dilemmas, thanks for reading as I solve my own.


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